Using gstreamer webrtc in streamlit to stream the gstreamer buffers


I want to build a gstreamer app where i use the webrtc component in GStreamer to stream the video buffer and i want to receive those buffers in a streamlit window using the streamlit webrtc component.
I want to make a console where the gstreamer pipeline is manipulated via the streamlit widget and the corresponding output is seen on streamlit webrtc components.

I am able to manipulate the gstreamer pipeline but not able to link the gstreamer webrtc component to the streamlit webrtc element. The sample app code can be seen here GitHub - vishalkmr/Streamlit-x-Gstreamer: This repository demonstrate a way how to integrate GStreamer video player with a Streamlit web application.

Please provide me with a way how use webrtc component.

Hi @Enigma

There are ample tutorials on the use of webrtc with Streamlit, here are some that I found:

Hope this helps!

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