Using Streamlit & Jina to create end-to-end project with 30 lines of code

Hi Streamlit community,

If there’s a shortcut or easy tool to build your projects, what tools will you recommend? We are looking for some tools to establish our projects asap and gives us the possibility to test and show it without spending too much time. In this talk, Jina AI community member will show you how to build an end-to-end project in a couple of hours and with just 30 lines of code, using Jina APIs for the backend and Streamlit for the frontend.

We’re happy to share this talk with you on Jina AI meetup tomorrow!! And learn any tools you would also suggest with us!

#neuralsearch #questions #streamlit-examples

Jina AI Community
(The Neural Search company)


It looks really cool! Thanks for sharing :smiley: