Value Error - Time Data on deployment

I tested on my local machine it was okay, but when I committed changes and deployed,I got this error

any idea?

Hi @salihan

This seems to be more of a warning that essentially notifies you that you’re showing a subset view of your dataframe and then assigning that to a variable. The message is suggesting to use .loc[row_indexer,col_indexer] as an alternative solution.

Thus, could you look into refactoring your subset of a Pandas dataframe.

Hope this helps!

Yes you right. I got it fixed by using .iloc

numeric_columns = [‘Leaves Count’, ‘Longest Leaf’, ‘Plant Height(mm)’, ‘pH’, ‘EC’]
# df_filtersubpot_pakchoi[numeric_columns] = df_filtersubpot_pakchoi[numeric_columns].apply(pd.to_numeric)
df_filtersubpot_pakchoi.loc[:, numeric_columns] = df_filtersubpot_pakchoi.loc[:, numeric_columns].apply(

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