Version 0.66.0

Version 0.66.0

New Features

  • :pencil2: st.write is now available for use in the sidebar!
  • :level_slider: A slider for distinct or non-numerical values is now available with st.select_slider.
  • āŒ— Streamlit Components can now return dataframes to your Streamlit App. Check out our SelectableDataTable example.
  • :package: The Streamlit Components library used in our Streamlit Component template is
    now available as a npm package (streamlit-component-lib) to simplify future upgrades to the latest version. Existing components do not need to migrate.

Notable Changes

  • :panda_face: Support StringDtype from pandas version 1.0.0
  • :socks: Support for running Streamlit on Unix sockets

Check out our release demo to see the new features in action!

Special Thanks

Thanks to our contributors scottjohnson623, FranzDiebold, domoritz, koenvossen, koenvo, wtype, tanmaylaud for all the help!