Video does not work on iphone/ipad

My app is deployed on the community cloud as

On my web homepage there are tutorial videos that don´t work on iphone/ipad, but work fine on computer (chrome browser), both as deployed, i.e. acessing the link above as well as on my computer.

Code snippet:

show_how_to_video = st.toggle(":film_projector: ***Show how to use videos.*** :tv:", help="Shows the how to videos")
if show_how_to_video:
    how_to_video_selected = st.selectbox("", ["How to use Green H2 Calculator - Downloading solar data from Global Solar Data", 
                                            "How to use Green H2 Calculator - Uploading the file"])

    if how_to_video_selected == "How to use Green H2 Calculator - Downloading solar data from Global Solar Data":
        video_file_name = "H2Calc_How_To_GSA_Download.mp4"
    elif how_to_video_selected == "How to use Green H2 Calculator - Uploading the file":
        video_file_name = "H2Calc_How_To_Import_xlsx.webm"

    video_file = open(video_file_name, "rb")
    video_bytes =

I have recorded the video with the recorder provided by Streamlit at the Hamburger menu. I have uploaded both webm and mp4 versions of video. They both don´t work on iphone.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Follows additional information.



python version 3.12.1
my github:

my requirements:



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That seems to be just the browser not supporting the specific video format. From my laptop I can watch the video if I open the application in edge but not in firefox.