Waiting for sharing invite

I had requested for the sharing invite, but haven’t got one yet, the mail says, community is the faster way to do get the invite. Can anyone please extend it to me??
Thank you😊

Hey @mayureshagashe2105 and welcome to the community :wave:t3:,

I couldn’t find an email associated with your account - mind sharing the email you signed up with [sending it via direct message works too]. We’ll make sure to get you an invite once we can confirm the email. :balloon:


I have created an app on streamlit and in order to deploy it, I requested for the invite for my github account with the same email address : manprit.s.m@gmail.com.

I even got mail from github about the addition of a third party OAuth app.

But I am not getting any option for deploying the app while trying to share from this page : https://share.streamlit.io/

Instead I am facing the following issue

Kindly look into the issue. It’s an urgent request.

I would be grateful.

Hey Manprit,

Mind trying one more time to see if it works now?

Warm regards,