Wanted to create a log of some format that works across all the instances of Streamlit?

There can be many instances of the same Streamlit app running over multiple systems simultaneously. Is there a way to create a log file that updates itself from all the different users and that is available to us to see the progress of each instance in one place?

Let’s say, for example, let’s say I have an app that is basically an image annotation applet, and there are a fixed number of unique images for each user. I have a session_state variable to keep track of the images that are labeled.

I would want this variable to be updated for each user in a central place. Maybe not live(is it possible?) or right when they reach the end of that set of images.

I gave it some thought and having a Google sheet would work with every user having its own variable column. But again the problem is how will streamlit can handle this synchronization of variables from the app to some central source?

Hey @Ishan_Mistry,

I think one solution here is indeed to use a database! Whenever a user annotates an image, then you can flag it as “annotated” in the database and not load it for next users.

A Google Sheet could work (see this example app [code]) which uses just that, or any database you can imagine! Would also recommend Deta or Supabase. You can have a look at our docs which have special chapters just for that.

Thanks a ton for helping me out!

Sorry to bother you again, but I think I am still unaware of the term that would let me manage the many opened remote tabs. Like if I and you were using the app simultaneously then how do I keep sure that things stored in our columns would be different and also linked to our own instances of the app? Does hosting solve this? I have not hosted my app yet.