Web Page Data Scraper from CSS Selector and show results in an AG Grid

I was doing some adhoc data scraping from URL and was using the console, so I instead knocked up a quick Streamlit app using the AG Grid Component. (https://github.com/PablocFonseca/streamlit-aggrid)

This uses Beautiful Soup to scrape the content then renders a set of attributes from the elements located into an AG Grid. Since the data is stored in a Panda Data Frame it was easy to add a CSV export to the page as well.

App is live on streamlit here https://share.streamlit.io/eviltester/seo-tooling/main/src/doStreamlitAdhocWebScraper.py

Code is on Github https://github.com/eviltester/seo-tooling/blob/main/src/doStreamlitAdhocWebScraper.py