WebSocket Error Using IIS HTTP Proxy

I am attempting to use IIS to http proxy the streamlit app. I have successfully routed http/https requests to the TCP port where the app is running, and the page loads, but the content behind it fails to load.

Browser dev tools show a repeated error: WebSocket connection to โ€˜ws://<domain_name>/<app_name>/_stcore/streamโ€™ failed.

I have seen a couple of other posts related to this _stcore/stream endpoint in the context of nginx, so I assume I am running into something similar. Has anybody seen this with IIS? I am thinking I need to add something to my web.config file to account for this

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for anyone else who may be having a similar issue, I was able to resolve this by adding

enableCORS = false

to the [server] section of my config.toml file.

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