What are the other avatar_style icon options?

I have this piece of code,

# the chat interface.
    if st.session_state['ai_history']:
        with response_container:
            for i in range(len(st.session_state['ai_history'])):
                message(st.session_state["user_history"][i], is_user=True, key=str(i) + '_user', avatar_style="adventurer")
                message(st.session_state["ai_history"][i], key=str(i), avatar_style='bot')

So besides thumbs, adventurer, big-smile, micah, bot… what else alternatives do I have? And how to use a custom jpg? I tried avatar=‘xxx.jpg’, but it doesn’t work.

What is message()?

A function imported from streamlit_chat .

from streamlit_chat import message

These are the available values in version 0.1.1:

Note that recent streamlit has chat_message(), you no longer need to rely on third party components for this.

Thank you Goyo! and do you happen to know how to use custom images as well?

From the docs on chat_message():

avatar (str, numpy.ndarray, or BytesIO)

The avatar shown next to the message. Can be one of:

  • A single emoji, e.g. “:technologist:”, “:robot:”, “:t_rex:”. Shortcodes are not supported.

  • An image using one of the formats allowed for st.image: path of a local
    image file; URL to fetch the image from; an SVG image; array of shape (w,h) or (w,h,1) for a monochrome image, (w,h,3) for a color image, or (w,h,4) for an RGBA image.

If None (default), uses default icons if name is “user”, “assistant”, “ai”, “human” or the first letter of the name value.

sorry go back a little bit, i am now trying to do
st.chat_message(st.session_state["user_history"][i], is_user=True, key=str(i) + '_user', AvatarStyle="adventurer")

I am thrown this error:
AttributeError: module 'streamlit' has no attribute 'chat_message'

I double checked my streamlit version , it is streamlit-1.31.0

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