What is the best Plot Library?

Hi guys,

since there are currently a bunch of libs for visualizing results in Streamlit, I wanted to know what you guys think is the best and why you think it’s the best? If you don’t want to give a reason, just like the lib you like the most.

Libs I wanted to throw in the bowl:

  • streamlit inbuild
  • plotly
  • altair
  • vegalite
  • D3
  • echarts

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*Plus Plost

I am already curious about the outcome :slight_smile: .

Best regards,

We need @thiago’s Plost in there! :blush:

Wait, nobody requested Matplotlib/Seaborn yet :o ??? poor bokeh too :slight_smile:

Anyway, of you for those missing inspiration: All Tools — PyViz 0.0.1 documentation


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You’re missing Bokeh too :smiley: