What is the best way to publish my webapp made with streamlit?

I want to release a code that generates orbit animations for educational purposes. Does streamlite allow me to publicize the site to be used by students and teachers? Also, is its interface independent? So that if more than one person is accessing the webapp, the parameter choices for example will not be affected or influenced by another user who is also accessing the website.

Hi @isa.rsn -

We at Streamlit believe that Streamlit Cloud is the best way to deploy a Streamlit app.

By default, an app deployed from the Community tier of Streamlit Cloud are publicly available, so you can share the URL with whomever. Recently, we’ve added the ability to launch one app from a private GitHub repo; in that case, you would need to either make the app public or invite individual people.

Yes, Streamlit is designed to be multi-user, with the caveat that anything you are caching is currently global. This is usually what people want, such that if you load a large dataset, the data becomes available for everybody. If that’s not what you want, then if you don’t cache things the app should be independent for all users.

How many simultaneous users is a function of what the app does, i.e. how much RAM and computation the app needs to supply to each user. The larger the app, the fewer the users (or, upgrade to a paid tier where more resources are provided).


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Thank you for make it clear

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