What is this error I am getting when building my time series analysis?


Trying to build a timeseries chart using plotly using multiselect. This is what it looks like now:

Is there any reason I am getting this error? The code is listed below:

# Get the Data
# Streamlit knows not to always reload data unless its new data.
# import data from csv
def load_data():
    #Get data
    Gov_df = pd.read_csv('Timeseries/Trends on headline indicators.csv',index_col='Date',parse_dates=True)

# Want to get the numeric data
numeric_data = Gov_df.select_dtypes(include=[np.float64,np.int64]) 
# Want the columns attribute
numeric_cols = numeric_data.columns
# Get the text dataframe
text_data = Gov_df.select_dtypes(include='object')
text_cols = text_data.columns

    return Gov_df, numeric_cols, text_cols

Gov_df, numeric_cols, text_cols = load_data()

    #Time series analysis

    st.subheader("Time Series Analysis")

    checkbox1 = st.checkbox("Display Chart")`

    if checkbox1:

          # Can select what columns to look at

       Columns_select1 = st.multiselect(label="Select Columns",

         # Only show dataframe with these columns
             dataframe_cols1 = Gov_df[Columns_select1]`
plotly_fig = px.line(data_frame=dataframe_cols1,x=dataframe_cols1.index,y=Columns_select1 )  


Sorted it, just had to raise an error st.error("Please select one column to display data point") which replaced this error showing up.