what the control buttons in the upper right corner of the Streamlit-generated page are for?

For example, the “stop” and “rerun” buttons. I have a device that, when I click “stop” on the page, doesn’t call its own close() method, resulting in the device still being occupied by the previous program when I click “rerun”.
Of course, stopping the entire Streamlit process in the command line and then running streamlit run main.py again works normally.

Hey @brejceYU,

The “stop” and “rerun” buttons in the top right corner allow the app user to stop the app execution or rerun the app entirely (meaning that the main Python file for your app will rerun). Hopefully that helps / let us know if you have any other questions

Thank you for your reply. I understand the function of these two buttons from their names. However, I have a device that can’t be initialized again after the page is reloaded because it has already been initialized the first time. Yesterday, I solved this problem, but when I continued to improve the code, the problem successfully turned into a threading issue. :grinning:

:+1: Feel free to create a new post about the threading issue

yeah,thanks your reply,Translated into English: I’ve solved it, with @st.cache_resource, now when Streamlit is running, my SDR device won’t be repeatedly instantiated, and there won’t be errors.