What's the best practice to debug and fix the issue of "Stopping..."?

I have followed official document to write an OpenAI chatbot on my own tencent cloud.

After running with this command streamlit run demo.py >> demo.log & for a random time, the output showed Stopping... and the app “crashed” unexpectedly.

The log is:

Collecting usage statistics. To deactivate, set browser.gatherUsageStats to False.

  You can now view your Streamlit app in your browser.

  Network URL: http://IP:8502
  External URL: http://IP:8502


I have no idea what was wrong and why streamlit was stopping.
I’m pretty new to streamlit and server side. My question is, what’s the best practice to debug and fix the issue?

Thank you

Hi @snakeninny

To deploy Streamlit on your own server, please check out this Documentation resource page:

There are several step-by-step tutorials guiding the process of setting up your own Streamlit server.

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