When I attempt to deploy the app to the community cloud from my github, I get errors on my imported modules

I have the modules correctly imported through my command prompt and the code runs perfectly on my local host

Looks like you haven’t installed matplotlib in your streamlit cloud environment.

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Like you should create a requirements.txt file in github and place all the modules and libs you want


like this you should specify things you need and versions if you want specific version

then the streamlit cloud will automatically get updated.If not reboot it after updating
It should work mostly

if you want to include any other software outside python keep it in packages.txt
Like this

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Hey @Chrismcq0312 , I’ve encountered similar errors before. Try creating a requirements.txt file, and listing down the libraries you used for the app. I believe you can find the current working version of the library you’re using with pip list and pip freeze. Put down the version for matplotlib in requirements.txt and it should work fine.

Hope this helps!

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