When run streamlit show Unable to move the cache: 拒绝访问。 (0x5)

when I run streamlit show this

C:\Users\lyna tlncgbnn\Desktop\workspace\src>streamlit run streamlit.py

C:\Users\lyna tlncgbnn\Desktop\workspace\src>
[4772:0604/211416.186:ERROR:cache_util_win.cc(20)] Unable to move the cache: 拒绝访问。 (0x5)
[4772:0604/211416.186:ERROR:disk_cache.cc(205)] Unable to create cache

I really don’t know why this is happening! But I ran the example in the tutorial earlier, which had @st.cache_data in it, and I ran it several times, and then the system crashed, and then I ran it again and it showed the above. I deleted streamlit and installed it again. I tried to replace it with a different version, but it didn’t work.

Rename your streamlit.py to streamlit_app.py.

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