When tabs is switched, how do I clear the radio status and the content below it

My code:

  # The dictionary is actually going to be dynamic
  zoon = {
    "cat": ['缅因', '金渐层', '三花猫', '美短'],
    "dog": ['柴犬', '二哈', '萨摩耶', '金毛']
  data_tabs = list(zoon.keys())
  tabs = st.tabs(data_tabs)
  for i in range(len(data_tabs)):
    with tabs[i]:
      curr_zoon = st.radio("请在下面列表中选择您要展示类型", zoon[data_tabs[i]], index=None)
      if curr_zoon:
        # Assuming that the data is fixed, the actual project needs to get the data from the database
        ss.all_info_list = {'questions': ['猫经常叫都有哪些原因?', '猫咪为何会突然跑酷', '猫咪拉肚子应该吃什么药']}
  if ss.all_info_list is not None:
    with st.container(border=True): # This is also currently fixed...
      st.text_area('喵喵','猫是一种优雅、神秘且独立的动物。它们拥有柔软的皮毛,灵动的眼神,以及令人着迷的独特个性。猫是出色的猎手,擅长潜伏和突袭,但它们的温柔和亲近也使它们成为人类的忠实伙伴。无论是蜷缩在温暖的角落里打盹,还是在窗边凝视着窗外的世界,猫总是能以它们独特的方式给人们的生活带来乐趣和慰藉。它们不仅是宠物,更是家庭的一员,带给人们无尽的欢乐和温暖的陪伴。', disabled=True)
      st.selectbox('问题', ss.all_info_list['questions'], index=None)

My question:
How to clear the radio status in the previous tab and clear the content below when switching tabs.

  1. When switching from dog to cat, you need to clear the contents of the red box and reset the status of the radio
  2. When you switch from cat to dog, the contents of cat, which are in the red box, should not appear