Where data is cached?

I am trying to move a small Excel macro app to a new app using streamlit, here is what I have done so far
https://xerviewer.herokuapp.com/ , First I have to say what you guys have build is amazing, I am not a dev and managed to make a web app :slight_smile:
the app just read an xer file (it is just a csv file with a lot of tables) and parse it and loaded it to an in memory sqlite DB, I am using st.cache too, the app is hosted in heroku.

my question is : is the data deleted or save it in the server, ideally I want people to use it and feel confident that I can’t read there data ?


Hi @mim,

By default the cache is stored in memory until the server process is killed. There are some flags you can use to alter this behavior.

    persist : boolean
        Whether to persist the cache on disk.

    max_entries : int or None
        The maximum number of entries to keep in the cache, or None
        for an unbounded cache. (When a new entry is added to a full cache,
        the oldest cached entry will be removed.) The default is None.

    ttl : float or None
        The maximum number of seconds to keep an entry in the cache, or
        None if cache entries should not expire. The default is None.
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