White screen when switching between st.radio button options

Hi, my Streamlit app becomes completely white when switching between st.radio options. It becomes fine when refresh the link. Does anyone have any guesses about what may cause the issue? Thanks, Yusuf

I looked at your app and clicked on the radio options (“Select search option”), but did not see a white screen. Do you get this same behavior if you deploy it locally? I can only take a wild guess that something (like memory or CPU) is getting overworked and you’re seeing some slow performance. Can you share your repo? What kind of load does your app handle (memory-wise)? Community Cloud does have some limits.

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Thanks very much for the response. I didn’t check if the issue occurs when deploying locally. The issue always happens when I switch back to the first radio option. Here is my repo. I use st. cache_data and st. cache_resource for my caching. I don’t think I reached the resource limits.

It’s strange, but the issue seems to occur only in the browser where I’m logged into Streamlit. It might be related to my browser’s cache.