Why can't I make a interactive table?

My coding is below.
with form, table could be interactive, and the table is deleted.
How to solve?

import streamlit as st
import pandas as pd

with st.form(key = β€œfile_form”):
upload_file = st.file_uploader(β€œγƒ•γ‚‘γ‚€γƒ«γ‚’γƒƒγƒ—γƒ­γƒΌγƒ‰β€, type=β€˜html’)
submit_btn = st.form_submit_button(β€œOK”)
cancel_btn = st.form_submit_button(β€œγ‚­γƒ£γƒ³γ‚»γƒ«β€)

if submit_btn:
df = pd.read_html(upload_file, header = 0, index_col = 0)
df = df[0]

insert_cols = ["DAR",

for column_name in insert_cols:
    df.insert(loc = 0, column = column_name , value= None)

             column_config={"Chain": st.column_config.SelectboxColumn("Chain", options=["H","L"]),
                            "DAR": st.column_config.SelectboxColumn("DAR", options=["1","2","3","4"]),
                            "calculate": st.column_config.CheckboxColumn("calculate", default=False),                                          

Hello @doifu ,

Here’s how you might approach creating an interactive table with file upload functionality:

  1. First, ensure you have streamlit-aggrid installed in your environment.
pip install streamlit-aggrid
  1. Since st.data_editor does not exist, you will need to adjust your approach.
import streamlit as st
import pandas as pd
from st_aggrid import AgGrid, GridOptionsBuilder

with st.form(key="file_form"):
    upload_file = st.file_uploader("フゑむルをップロード", type='html')
    submit_btn = st.form_submit_button("OK")
    cancel_btn = st.form_submit_button("キャンセル")

if submit_btn and upload_file is not None:
    df = pd.read_html(upload_file, header=0, index_col=0)[0]

    # Insert columns with default values as an example
    df["DAR"] = None
    df["Chain"] = None
    df["calculate"] = False

    # Create a grid options builder
    gb = GridOptionsBuilder.from_dataframe(df)
    gb.configure_default_column(editable=True, groupable=True)

    # Customize the AgGrid display
    gridOptions = gb.build()

    # Display the dataframe with AgGrid
    AgGrid(df, gridOptions=gridOptions, enable_enterprise_modules=True)

# Note: Direct editing with specific widgets like Selectbox or Checkbox inside the grid requires custom cell renderers.

Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,
Sahir Maharaj
Data Scientist | AI Engineer

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Hey @sahirmaharaj,

Just wanted to clarify that st.data_editor does exist.

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