Why does on_click handler function put tabs above the title

import streamlit as st
import utilities as utils
import datetime

# Convert Dataset into Dict
tickers = utils.get_tickers()

# Set title
st.title("Hello World")

def submit_handler():
    tab1, tab2 = st.tabs(['Performance','Risks'])

    with tab1:
        st.write('This is tab 1')

    with tab2:
        st.write('This is tab 2')

with st.sidebar:

Because the on_click argument is a callback and those are run before the app is rendered back again. Check the Use Callbacks to update Session State section from the docs:

And a more in depth guide:

Imo if-statements are more readable in those cases where callbacks are not really necessary:

with st.sidebar:
    if st.button('Submit'):

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