Why is my app constantly rebooting?

my app used to work. but now it constantly says: App is booting…


whats wrong?

maybe @snehankekre can help;)?


Hey @Krzysztof_Musialik,

Here’s a graph of your app’s memory usage over the past week – you might be seeing performance due to the memory usage nearing the limit.

It also looks like your app did manage to reboot (when I go to the URL, it’s no longer rebooting).

Please don’t tag staff in posts – I promise we’re already doing our best to make sure your post gets an answer :slightly_smiling_face:

He’s not the only one, many are experiencing the same issue. I have spent 6 hours playing around but still can’t fix it. Just like the others, I didn’t make any changes to my app when this happened.
More people are here: Your App is in the oven forever
and here:
Your App is in the oven forever - #8 by Armin-Techlaw

Thanks for flagging this @Armin-Techlaw! I’ve brought it to our team and update here once I have more info

Update: re-deploying your app should resolve this issue. Our engineering team is working to fix the root cause so that apps won’t need to be re-deployed to resolve the issue, but the immediate fix for now is to re-deploy.