Why my project run differently with streamlit local and streamlit cloud?

Hello, I did a project which consists of extracting information from a pdf file, then save it in a csv file in my directory, and it works perfectly in local.
But when I share this project on the cloud, first the results are not the same and I don’t know where my saving csv file is located.
I identified where is the error coming from, and it happens when I convert pdf to text using python framework (I have to do this step then I can extract information), the output it’s not the same for local and cloud, but it’s exactly the same code, the same file.

Here it’s when I run in streamlit cloud

Here in local and you can see it’s not the same output. Because of this, the algo don’t extract the correct information.

The second problem is, with streamlit cloud I don’t know where the csv file created is in my computer, I’m not even sure it got saved.

This is the code I wrote to save the extracted information into a csv file, it work in local but not in cloud.

Thanks you for the help !

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