Why there is no streamlit connection with Azure adls storage

I was exploring options on connecting to storage layer through streamlit app
i could see there is no direct way to connect to azure adls storage layer like we have for other cloud layers
Connect to data sources - Streamlit Docs

is there any other way to connect, i am assuming only way is through external python libraries to obtain azure adls connection, please suggest

Hey @sadas,

Thanks for sharing this question!

I wanted to clarify that this page is a list of docs our team has created that outline the process of connecting to data sources. So if there’s a data source you’re interested in connecting to but you don’t see it on that page, chances are, it’s very doable to connect to that data source from a Streamlit app, but we just haven’t documented it yet.

For Azure ADLS, it looks like Microsoft has a pretty extensive doc on using Python to manage directories and files stored in ADLS here. This section outlines how to download a file.

If you follow Microsoft’s guide to connect to ADLS using Python, you would be using additional Python libraries to do so, but that’s the same type of process you’d follow for the other data sources listed on this page, so no worries there – you can still use Streamlit to build an awesome app that uses that data :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, if you’re interested in faster/easier ways to connect to data sources, definitely check out our recently released st.experimental_connection feature!

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