Widget dependency in sidebar to show date from a dataframe

I’m building an app that shows data from a dataframe.
In the sidebar, I would like to have the possibility to filter down to the required records.

The dataframe holds data like quantity and price also location, employee and date

What I would like is to have a location, employee en date widget that respond to each other.
So if I select location “A” I’m not able to select Employee’s that are not linked to Location “A” and at the same time if I select a date range, let’s say, 01-01-2021 to 31-01-21 I only have the possibility to select locations and employee’s that are in the dataframe with transactions in that date range.

It would be something similar to slicers in Excel where the one slicer filters the outcome for the next slicer.

Does any one of you has a solution for this?