Yup, December is here. Time to start singing Streamlit Christmas songs and share some thoughts about Streamlit development in the last year

Hi Guys, just a cheerful reminder that this exists :slight_smile:

One year ago, I used chatGTP to write lyrics and then hired artists from Fiver to sing them. ChatGTP was just released, and LLMs were gaining momentum like no other thing in the tech world. It is amazing to see how both Streamlit and LLMs have developed in the last year. Hopefully, the next one will be even more exciting!

Do you have any predictions about what would be β€œthe” thing for Streamlit for the next year?


hahahahaha I’m sure I saw this originally but I had completely forgotten about it. Amazing


Brilliant! :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:


Yes, I remember this song, it’s really great!

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