1.32.0 CPU Usage Issue

Hey Streamlitters,

We wanted to give you a heads-up that we’ve discovered an inefficient use of CPU for Streamlit version 1.32.0. This means that apps using this version of Streamlit will not be as efficient or performant as they could be.

We’ve rolled out a patch in version 1.32.2, but we are validating the patch at scale before allowing Community Cloud apps to use 1.32. For now, apps on Community Cloud can use up to version 1.31.1.

We’ll post an update when the patch has been released to Community Cloud, and as always, you can track the status of this issue here.

Update: The patch has been rolled out. Apps on Streamlit Community Cloud are allowed to use any version of Streamlit other than 1.32.0 and 1.32.1. If no version is specified, apps will automatically use 1.32.2.