StreamlitCloud Computer Specs

How do I find out the specs of the Streamlit Cloud computers running my app? I want to know the CPU speed, number of CPUs, and memory allocated to my app. My app currently runs fine on my laptop but crashes or runs very slow on Streamlit Cloud. (I currently have free Streamlit Cloud account with one private app. My laptop is about 5 years old, Intel Core i7, 1.8Ghz, 4 cores, 12 GB memory, running Windows 10.)

I am trying to figure out if my problem is due to different resources. If so, would upgrading to a paid account help? If not, I will have to investigate more into other potential sources, like the difference in OS or difference in package versions, etc.

There is a 1GB resource limit in Streamlit Cloud. It is Debian, so you can run some commands with os.system to poke around a bit. Usually though, it’s the 1GB resource limit.

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I was poking with shell commands to get some general system information: It’s just a curiosity, that won’t tell the resources that are actually available for a single streamlit app :dotted_line_face:

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Hey @edsaac, we guarantee access to 1GB per app, but depending on the app and the time of day, the app might have access to up to 3 GB. It’s a little nuanced which is why there isn’t a hard-and-fast rule posted.