A few beginner questions

I am a beginner in web dev so I have a few questions about using the Streamlit

  1. How can I change the UI of the website? like background color etc

  2. How to user authenticate in the streamlit app? Should I use firebase or is there any way around

  3. I am trying to build a weather app, so if the model returns sunny I want the background color of the website to be changed to warm color, If its rainy change it to gloomy bg. How can this be done?

  4. I am trying to do a dummy login just for now
    I have 2 buttons, a login and a weather button

My flow is this login_button ----> Get_weather_button

login_button = st.button("Login") 
if login_button:     
    city_name  = st.text_input("Enter the City")

    Get_weather_button = st.button("Get Weather")

    if button:
        st.success('Showing for {} '.format(city_name))

show_weather() contains all the Display items
But for some reason after I click on the login_button it opens the Get Weather button but on clicking the Get Weather button it reverts back to the outer if condition

As seen in the Gif it reverts back to the initial condition thus not displaying the charts and logic under show_weather()

5.Local system file uploader widget support similar to this

Is the issue related to 4 this one? for a user authentication

Hi @zszazi

You have already found a lot of the things in the issue and feature request on Github. As far as I can se you cannot achieve the things you wan’t to do today.

But for some of the things there might be workarounds. For example you can insert html via st.markdown. But it’s not the long term solution.

But what you wan’t to do is something a lot of users of Streamlit hope to be able to do. So I believe it will be coming. Hopefully soon :slight_smile:

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