A few questions about Streamlit and its roadmap

Thank you all for your work and this awesome community which I hope will point me in the right direction. Suppose I had petabytes worth of geospatial data that I would like to visualize and sometimes do calculations on. Suppose that meant having an interactive map and Datashader enabled rastarization of said huge data as well as Dask accelerated computations on Xarray loaded data. Suppose I wanted interactive map and plots to share selectors. Would I be correct to take this article advice in choosing Panel instead of Streamlit?

Hi @StuckDuckF, welcome to the Streamlit community!

If you literally have petabytes of data, it feels like Python might be the wrong tool. But assuming that Panel can do server-side rendering of images (I only skimmed the article), then yes, that would be a better solution than trying to do that in Streamlit/Python.


Thank you sir. Maybe in the future Streamlit will support similar functionality as Datashader and HoloViews or even better a OpenLayers wrapper and Datashader combo.