Dash and Streamlit

I just found out about Streamlit.
I’ve been using Dash to visualize the effects of my machine learning algorithms (especially for clusters and stuff), also made some apps in Flask and Vue. This was quite challenging but learned a lot about other tools.
But seems that Streamlit makes everything else obsolete, or does it?
I just wonder if its possible to integrate Dash and Streamlit in the app. Is the Streamlit backend Flask?
Or maybe it should be the other way round? Integrating Streamlit into Dash app? I’m not sure about that.

I still find Dash graphs and interactivty really great and I hope I could use them in Streamlit apps, so I just wonder if you are going to consider this in future development.

Hi @datainvestor. Welcome to the Streamlit community! :hugs:

We agree that Dash is awesome but haven’t attempted to integrate one into the other. So we can’t offer any advice. We welcome investigation by the community into this question!

In the meantime, please know that Streamlit supports Plotly and that @pierpaolo28 has published an example of adding interactivity to Plotly charts using Streamlit.

Have fun creating!

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