A Simple Stock Screener

Hi all,

I just build a simple stock screener for fundamental and technical analysis. The app development is also heavily dependent on the yFinance API and Plotly Graphing Library. yFinance is an open-source financial API that provides us with an unlimited free quota of stock info.

This app is only aimed for a simple demonstration purpose to see how we can leverage Streamlit to build a data app in the finance sector.

You can find my app using the link:

I have also written an article about the development process in Medium. Feel free to have a read if you are interested.

Feel free to give your comments.


Bee Guan


Hey @teobeeguan,

Welcome to the Streamlit Community! :balloon: :tada: :partying_face: :tada: :balloon: :partying_face:

Wow love this well done on your app, it is very in-depth! :sunglasses:

Happy Streamlit-ing,

Looks great! Maybe add a disclaimer? Imagine people taking huge financial decisions while the info shown is not right due to a bug or cache problem etc. :slight_smile:

Hi @Marisa_Smith,

Thanks. I like Streamlit very much and will continue to use it for some of my data app development.

Bee Guan

Hi @rcsmit

Thanks for your suggestion. That’s a good reminder. Will add that.

Bee Guan