Streamlit App for Financial Analysis

I created a Streamlit app to analysis tons of financial data of listed companies in the US.
The app pulls data from FMPCloud (API key required). Charting is in Matplotlib and the text is from Investopedia

I want to extend it further to cover other indexes (European and Asian markets) and as deep valuation analysis.

Happy to share and get feedback :smile:


Welcome to the Streamlit community @amolnaik and thanks for sharing! Is the thought of your app to be mostly to summarize the information coming from the API, or could future work be towards an portfolio builder? Iโ€™d love to see how adding a sample of ticker symbols together affects the risk profile of the entire portfolio.

Would also be cool to be able to pull up multiple companies so you can compare them e.g. see Google and Amazonโ€™s net income trends. Could just pull up one on top of the other - or could plot some trends on same graph, which would be cool. A really cool thing would be for the app to know similar companies and when you pick one it suggests other companies you might want to compare to!

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This site has been making the rounds at Streamlit. :slight_smile: I tried to use it but got this:

Any suggestions @amolnaik? Looking forward to checking this out!


You must procure an individual FMPCLOUD key.

250 free requests per month.

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Thanks! Very much on my roadmap