A Streamlit app for predicting specialty coffee quality ☕

Any third wave specialty coffee hipsters in this community? Just for fun, I built an app that will tell you whether your specialty coffee is very good or excellent (based on where the coffee was grown and how it was harvested).


I’m aware that the topic might a bit niche, so I’d love to hear feedback on how to make the app more useable and accessible to a general audience!


Hey @marielledado!

Welcome to the Streamlit Community! :partying_face: :tada: I have to say, Coffee Hipster right here :raising_hand_woman: :coffee:

Your app is pretty cool (yes niche, but also cool, cause I totally know cool :sunglasses: - have I said cool too many times?)

A tip that was given to me when using the sidebar was: anything that you want to be accessible from the whole page should go in the sidebar. I love your descriptions that you have there currently, but you could switch them with your input fields. That way the inputs you have are in the sidebar (always accessible if your scrolling) and your description becomes part of the main page!

This falls more into personal preference though! :100: :grinning:
Happy Streamlit-ing!