Visualization of (sub)Reddit

Hello everyone, I am excited to know what you guys think of my first streamlit app –
I used data from a subreddit for visualization and test out different APIs. I have seen apps much superior than mine and I hope to build such one day. But for now any feedback would be appreciated.

Well :white_check_mark:! Using your time for data analysis is far more meaningful than investing your time and money in Canbis or other drugs! Great work, @saayedalam. The canabis word cloud looks fancy tho.

Welcome to the community @saayedalam
I think your app has a lot of great things that I haven’t seen a lot !

  • it reads like a data science story, the cadence is great, lovely icons in the Markdown text, the animations and code snippets well spread in the text :slight_smile: (perhaps some gifs a a bit too big for my smaller screen)
  • really liked the info in the sidebar Please give few seconds for it to load. while loading data in the Authors page
  • I was actually looking for some spacy code to clean text from Discourse and so Imma copy-paste your code :wink:

Thks for this app,


Thank you for taking a look. :slight_smile:

Thank you @andfanilo! for liking my effort. You are right about the gifs. I will try to make them smaller.
Also, It means a lot that you will be using my code. :slight_smile: