A way to notify the owner of the Streamlit Clou app that it is crashing

Good evening

I tried looking for a way to notify me when my Cloud app is down but it’s often paid methods with third-party apps.
Do you have any other solutions?

I was thinking maybe using the Telegram API or another Python script that scans the Cloud app and sends an email

THANKS :slight_smile:

Yes, you can get a an email from streamlit if your app leads to the enough memory. Streamlit cloud provides only 1GB. If our app limit the resources, then it will drop an email automated

Thanks for your answer. But i never receive an email when my app crash. Neither for my private and public app

Once check spam folder?

Yes, you can put up a basic monitoring system in Python to check the status of your Cloud app on a regular basis and warn you if it goes down.

Yes i’ve already checked

i try to do a request on the https of my app using selenium or pyppeteer and nothing works

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