Activate cell dropdown based on item in another cell in aggrid table

Hello all,

I am trying to implement a aggrid table where the entry in Value column will be based on the type selected in Type column.
Type column can be constant or transient. If constant, the Value column should be editable and if transient, the Value column should show a drop-down list where I select a pre-loaded file.

I have got to a point where I can create the table and have editable columns. But they don’t depend on each other. They work like independent cells. Is there a way to implement what I mentioned?

When I select Constant in Type, I should be able to enter 5 in the Value column. But right now when I click on 0 in the value column to change, it automatically invokes the drop-down menu. Is there a way here?

st.session_state.dataframe = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(st.session_state.inputs)
    type_dropdownlist = ('Constant', 'Transient')
    datasets_dropdownlist = tuple(dataset_names)
    gb = GridOptionsBuilder.from_dataframe(st.session_state.dataframe)
    gb.configure_default_column(editable=True, min_column_width=10)
    gb.configure_column('Type', editable=True, cellEditor='agSelectCellEditor',
                        cellEditorParams={'values': type_dropdownlist}, singleClickEdit=True)
    gb.configure_column('Value', editable=True, cellEditor='agSelectCellEditor',
                        cellEditorParams={'values': datasets_dropdownlist}, singleClickEdit=True)
    gb.configure_column('Input Name', editable=False)
    grid_options =
    grid_height = 250
    grid_response = AgGrid(
    df = grid_response['data']

It sounds like you need the “Value” column to accommodate both dropdowns and numeric input (depending on the value in the corresponding “Type” cell). I’m under the impression that all of the cells in a column must have the same format (i.e. dropdown vs. numeric input) – you might have better luck separating the dropdown for “Value” and the numeric input for "Value into two separate columns.