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Hello everybody!

I am creating an app which loads a dataframe and finds similar text values from another dataframe. It returns a new column in the loaded dataframe with a list of the found text values. For the user to select the right value, i want the cell to be a dropdown. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Hi @Benvk, if you are planning to use aggrid, there’s an example at this link: Ag-grid editable table, one column is a dropdown selection - #2 by Shawn_Pereira


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Hi @Shawn_Pereira thanks for the reply.
Instead of using the values like dropdownlst = (‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’), i want those values in the drop down to be my list. The list is different per cell, do you know if that’s a possibility in the current build?


So for example i want the values in the column ‘matches’ to be a drop down instead of all in 1 cell


Aaah, now I understand. You want the text in the matches column to be the data for the drop down, to appear in the posting_id column, a dynamic drop-down for each row.

It could possibly be done internally with JavaScript using aggrid.

Will have to try it out. Will do so first thing tomorrow morning.


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Hi @Shawn_Pereira did you find the time to look into this?
If not that’s fine aswell!


Not yet. Tried some code, but it didn’t work. Will let you know if I can come up with a solution.



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