Adding an introduction page without using mutiple pages or radio button

Hi, I wanted to add an introduction page to my web app, and i don’t want to do it using multiple pages or radio button.
so the flow should be like “whenever a user will open the web app they can see all the widget available at the sidebar and in middle there should be some intro text about my web application , and as soon as the user will upload the file, that intro text will be disappeared and they will be automatically taken to the explore tab and once they delete that file uploaded. they will be again taken back to intro text setup.”
I was wondering if there is a way by which i can perform this task.

Hi @abhi_or_22,

Thanks for posting!

You can implement this using session state to navigate through the stages, i.e. you could have a “Next” button or something similar that users can click when they want to progress to the next page.

You also use tabs!

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