Advice for streamlit components

  1. Help icon layout
    Since the latest version, help hover had been added to streamlit components. I’ve noticed that the help icon of different components are in different positions.

For example, the help icon of selectbox is next to its label, while help icons of text_input, date_input and text_area are at the right corner of the component.Hope the layout will be same.

  1. Caption for text_input or text_area
    Hope there will be an option for some grey text or caption for components like text_input and text_area. And disappear when users begin to input words, display when there’s no words in input zone.

  2. Limitation for date_input
    When using date_input component and set a min value and max value, the limitation works for choosing date with mouse, but won’t work when i input a date.

And hope there will be an option for date_input component to choose whether input a date or month or year.