New component: streamlit_scrollable_textbox!

Hello all!

I created a small Streamlit component that allows users to insert scrollable text areas, to display large chunks of text while maintaining a desired app layout:

You can specify the height of the box, and whether you want to display a border around it or not.

The project is available on pypi:

pip install streamlit-scrollable-textbox

and the source code is available on my GitHub:

I hope it’s useful to others!


Hello is there a way i can set the scrollable box to show the last lines (everytime i clic something in my app the scrollable box starts over so i have to keep dragging down)
i tried doing some css, but i couldn’t, looks like u didnt give a class name to call the div that contains the styling ( i have to add it where the style parameters are added, can you add them or give me other solutions?

    flex-direction: column-reverse; 
    display: flex;

Can i append text to stx scrollable textbox?

This is great. Thanks Roberto. Is it possible to include it in a container or an expander?

Also is it possible to insert in a dataframe.

this i great thank you so much @RobertoFN . it helped a lot in my project .