Ag-Grid component with input support

I didn’t get your question…
Do you mean selected rows by default when grid loads?

yes, that’s what I meant. I’ve found node.setSelected() after replied to you, but haven’t figured out how to use it.

Same situation for me.
This is a big problem :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

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@PablocFonseca A hamburger button is hidden by default. I mean the hamburger button next to each column name. Is there any way to make it visible by default? Thank you in advance for the info!

I have seen this happen with components that are run in dev mode. As the error message implies it’s better to run a release (compiled) build. It’s unfortunate there isn’t a way to get the browser to reload the iframe.

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You can also wrap text by using the following:

"resizable": True,
"autoHeight": True,
"wrapText": True

This can be used in the default column defs or in a specific column definition.

Hi Pablo,

I’m wondering may I use the api mentioned in the pic with streamlit-aggrid?

How to run a release (compiled) build? What needs to be done for that? Thank you in advance for the info!

Hi, can we define the table height and width percentage or height and width when we use AgGrid(df)?
Besides, if the table header’s font, color and background can be set, this compoment will be more wonderful.

Simply build and then start the component, instead of running it in dev mode. Check your packages.json for for the commands. Not sure how this is handled in Streamlit sharing, but in Heroku it’s done for you. Also in Heroku I’m running the Streamlit app and frontend in separate (free) dynos (i.e. as two separate apps).