AI Color Palette Generator 🎨 (For Designers)

Generate color palettes from text prompts that you can use for design purposes, or just for fun!


Some Example Prompts! :bulb:

Click “Upload to Gallery” to add your color palette to the public gallery of color palettes!

Have fun with it, can’t wait to see your creations! :rocket:


Hi @cinnamonsmoothy

Wow, this app is so cool! I’ve created a new color palette called “chill coding vibe” …

And the upload to gallery option is quite nice …

A well made app, thanks for creating this!


This is awesome!

Woww, This is amazing!

Nice little app… well designed. Suggestion: add st.stop after gallery upload so the newly uploaded palette doesn’t get regenerated.

Thanks, is that a new update? I didn’t know st.stop existed.

Thank you!!! :yum:

I’m glad! thankss

thanks! that looks dope

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This is a really cool app!

could you share the source code?

Very pretty!

Yea! Would love the code!