Choose a painting for your home


I wanted to share my app which helps you choose a painting for your home.

Here’s the link -

Any suggestions for improvements or comments I’d be happy to hear them.

Thanks to the Streamlit team for providing such a good service!


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Interesting app. Could be used used to generate mood boards with products/artifacts from various suppliers, and then allowing affiliate purchases to be made!

Happy Streamliting!

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Thanks, those are great ideas. I was thinking of adding a sample image as well, so people can test the app without uploading their own image. I guess uploading one yourself could be a bit of a hassle. The app probably works best when you open it on mobile and upload directly from the camera.

Hello @CNelis95,

That’s a really cool app you’ve got. I liked the flow of the prediction page and so I took look at the source code. I noticed the following lines in the file:

    def increment_counter():
        st.session_state.count += 1

    def decrement_counter():
        st.session_state.count += 1

Shouldn’t the decrement_counter() be st.session_state.count -= 1?? As in decrementing??


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Hey @Outsiders17711

Thanks a lot! I’m glad you enjoyed the app.

Wow, well spotted :face_with_monocle:, I’ll fix that. Weirdly it hasn’t effected the functionality, at least in a way I’ve noticed.