AI Participatory Multi-Chat (BrAIns)

Hello community.

I have been passionate about Streamlit for the last year and I am happy to report that I have created an β€œAI Participatory Multi-Chat (BrAIns)!”

It is available immediately with no login required.
You can select BrAIns to participate from presets such as brainstorming and chatting, and choose how to respond.
You can also randomly generate BrAIns or set your own BrAIns.

Have fun chatting with your friends and BrAIns!

github: GitHub - ppspps824/BrAIns


*As a private developer, API usage fees are limited, so please donate if you like at Buy Me a Coffe.


Hi @papasim824,

Thanks for posting!

I think you forgot to add a link to the app.

Sorry. I forgot. I have attached the link.

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