Align Columns Height

Hi Team,

Below is the example of st.columns options. using that three cols were created and images were added but the height of the images are different. Is there a way to align the column height.

This is not looking nice right… kindly suggest me a way forward. either my style or by streamlit code.

Try using streamlit-elements.

Hi @sridharr , someone had attempted this before. See if this link helps you:


@Shawn_Pereira Thanks for the reply. In quoted case, images are in columns but suppose i want one column as image and another columns as dataframe or table then how should we maintain the same column height.

You would probably need use AG grid and set the height to the height of your picture. Regardless, you may need to resize your pictures so that they are of the same height.



Can you give some coding examples from your experience.

Here are some links you can go through:

In fact, go through the entire trail of AG grid - there’s lots to learn. There are some examples on the GitHub site too.


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