Allowing multiple filteres for user practices

Hi streamlit community!

It is my first day using streamlit and I was following a tutorial online. I decided to create my own dashboard using kaggle dataset. I am trying to allow the user to have multiple filters and then displaying the correct filter of the dataframe.

An example would be, the user would be able to filter by job, experience level, employment type and job category.

As of now, I am doing it via multiple if else for all permutations but I realised that adding on more filter conditions would make it much more complicated. Is there a simpler way of doing it? If so where can I read up on such topic or tutorials.

P.S Sorry if this is a repeat question.

Hi @Bryan1, have a look at streamlit-dynamic-filters Β· PyPI


Hi Shawn,

Is there a way to store this dynamic filters into a dataframe so that I am able to visualise the result based on what the users have filtered?

Hi @Bryan1

Well, you could, but I can’t opine as I don’t know how you plan to implement it.

Alternatively, you could also come up with your own implementation of dependent filters using pandas. You can find such examples on this forum.