Looking for a hands on tutor who can help me with Streamlit and interactions with data frames

I’m new to Streamlit and I’m having trouble getting the data frames to format properly. Is there a kind soul out there that would give me an hour of your time and point me in the right direction?

Not sure what anyone would charge to get me going in the correct direction.

Basic concept

Mysql DB
Query app that allows filters be set
Then save report out to PDF or something like that

There are 3-4 filters.

My big problem now is getting the entire DF to display.

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Hi @HarryMelamed

If you don’t mind doing this async, you can feel free to ask your questions in this thread, either me or others in the community can chime in.

I’ll provide my thoughts below:

  1. Using a database in your Streamlit app, there’s actually a wide range of options for you to choose from. There’s a dedicated page in the Streamlit Docs that provides an in-depth step-by-step tutorial on getting started in using a database in your Streamlit app.
  1. Query apps via filters can be done using interactive widgets such as st.selectbox, st.multiselect where you have a predefined set of parameters that when users select can be transferred to your custom data filter code. Likewise, st.text_input or st.text_area can be used to accept user text input and st.number_input can be used to accept numerical input.

Here are a few blogs to get you started:

  1. Displaying a PDF in-app can be done by adapting the code snippet mentioned in the blog below:
    Display and Download PDF in Streamlit: A Blog Use Case | by My Data Talk | Towards Data Science

Hope these resources are helpful!


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