Alpha App!

Hey there!
Check out my first app :smiley:

Alpha App allows you to do sentiment analysis of the scraped tweets for a particular ticker and for the top news headlines as well, then the portfolio analysis which provides one with the option to select stocks from the NIFTY50 stocks in order to recommend the number of shares to be bought or the portfolio allocation to be done then there is technical analysis which provides the user with various technical indicators and at last the forecast section provides the forecasted prices with the help of fbprophet library.

I am extremely thankful to all those strangers on the internet who have helped me do this, I am an absolute beginner in coding with no technical background, I learnt python as my first language in February 2021 and spent considerable time on it, Instead of just copying the code I tried to add novelty in every section of the app but all these strangers made it possible as I faced a lot of errors!
A big cheers to all of them!

If you want to reach out then you can find me on - Linkedin